Services We Offer

Located in Indianapolis minutes from downtown. We offer a range of services such as grave site monuments and markers, limestone and curb residential address numbering, small gift and keepsake items such as stone walkway pavers, and site projects such as bricks for fundraising and memorial walls.

Stone Engraving Inc. has been engraving stone and serving the Indianapolis area since 1969.  Whether you are looking for a cemetery monument or just a small flagstone, our desire is to create a unique design for you. 

Some of Our Past Projects

Beckenholdt Rock Engravings
Pet Monuments
Rock Engravings
Custom Art
Historic Plaques
Bench Engravings
Monument Flat Engravings
Memorial Bricks
Outdoor Sign Engraving
Outdoor Signs
Floor Engravings
Upright Monument Engraving
Sign Engravings
Rock Engraving
Upright Monument Engraving
Artistic Rock Engravings
Slant Stone Engravings
Upright Engravings and Etchings
Laser Etching

Looking For A  Memorial For Your Loved One?

Not only does Stone Engraving Inc. offer onsite engraving, but we also have a wide selection of monuments for people to choose from. From uprights, slants, and flats, to beautiful custom made stones.  If you are looking for a monument for your loved one that is not only affordable but looks great, then you have come to the right place.
Simply choose a monument that you like from our Monument Selection Gallery, and fill out the online form to e-mail us your preference of stone. 
Each monument that you see can be custom made in any color offered on the Custom Color Selection.