Monument Selection Gallery

Welcome to the Monument Selection Gallery.  Below are two different Columns entitled Monument Selector, and Color Selector. To see our monuments simply hold your mouse to the right or left side of the monument slide above the big picture.  When you see a monument you would like to see, simply click the picture.
Once you have selected your picture, you can then select the color of granite that you would like your monument in.  (Note: if the monument pictured is not the granite color selected, we will have to custom order the stone, and there will be an increase in price.) 

Monument Selector

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Color Selector

Enter your Selection in The Form on the Bottom Right

Now that you have selected your monument and color, please fill out the form on the right.  In the Monument Selection section, just put "MN" (without the quotes) and then the number.  For the color just type in the color of granite that you have chosen.


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